The Number 37

Yesterday was the 61st anniversary of my maternal grandfather’s death. Born in 1921, Hilarion (a.k.a. Julio a.k.a. Achilo Jil) only lived to the age of 37. It was at a time in his life when he was in good health and had seven good reasons – my grandmother and their six children – to stickContinue reading “The Number 37”

Who are the Vallee Cadignan Padrinos?

In my last post I reviewed general information I gleaned from the baptism records I found for my maternal grandfather, Hilarion “Julio” Vallee, and some of his siblings. Now I want to take a literal look at each one to figure out who was listed as their godparents. That can only mean one thing….it’s timeContinue reading “Who are the Vallee Cadignan Padrinos?”

Vallee Cadignan Baptism Records

In last week’s posts I explored the baptism records I recently found online for my maternal grandmother and her siblings. This post will focus on my paternal grandfather and his siblings, the Vallee Cadignans.  The table below lists all nine children but shows that I only found baptism records for four of them.  In theContinue reading “Vallee Cadignan Baptism Records”