The Number 37

Yesterday was the 61st anniversary of my maternal grandfather’s death. Born in 1921, Hilarion (a.k.a. Julio a.k.a. Achilo Jil) only lived to the age of 37. It was at a time in his life when he was in good health and had seven good reasons – my grandmother and their six children – to stickContinue reading “The Number 37”

Thomases Buried in Corozal

Report #2 on my 2011 genealogy research trip to PanamaExactly a week after visiting the Vallee graves I returned to Corozal with my father’s cousin, Enrique, who showed me where my paternal grandfather’s siblings and their mother are buried.  Sadly, the cemetery is not well cared for and the state of the grave sites range fromContinue reading “Thomases Buried in Corozal”

Vallee Graves in Panama

Report #1 on my 2011 genealogy research trip to Panama Last month, in just a matter of days, I went from having no idea when my next trip to Panama would take place to having a ticket booked for a ten day trip in June. The main purpose of this trip was to do genealogical research.Continue reading “Vallee Graves in Panama”