Three Brothers, Three Julios

The Panamanian Catholic Church records available at continue to yield more members of my grandparents’ generation. Most recently, I found a 1918 baptism record for a Julio Vallee born to “Josefina Cadignan y Simon Valet.” My mom said that 1918 would have been around the time her Tio Sylvester was born. But as farContinue reading “Three Brothers, Three Julios”

The Number 37

Yesterday was the 61st anniversary of my maternal grandfather’s death. Born in 1921, Hilarion (a.k.a. Julio a.k.a. Achilo Jil) only lived to the age of 37. It was at a time in his life when he was in good health and had seven good reasons – my grandmother and their six children – to stickContinue reading “The Number 37”

Introducing My St. Lucian Great-Great-Grandparents

Finding the baptism records for my maternal grandmother’s two eldest siblings, Jose Julio and Maria Estebana, filled two of the three empty spots in my collection of Colomb Mondesi baptisms. And luckily, it also filled some important informational holes about previous generations. My Great-GrandparentsWhile there was quite some variation with my great-grandparents’ names in theContinue reading “Introducing My St. Lucian Great-Great-Grandparents”

José José

No. Not that Jose Jose. I am referring to my great-uncle Jose Jose. Okay, so that’s not actually his name, but that is how it appears in his baptism record. Let me back up. Since I decided to be disciplined about diving back into my family history research, the first assignment I gave myself wasContinue reading “José José”

St. Lucian Naming Practices

In my quest to wrap my head around the “name game”, as I call it, I searched online for information on naming practices in my heritage islands and the Caribbean in general. I came across a few articles, but none excited me more than “Naming Customs in St. Lucia” by Daniel J. Crowley. The articleContinue reading “St. Lucian Naming Practices”