I am the diaspora

(I figure that the web address “iamthediaspora” might need some explaining…)

One of the reasons I looked forward to starting my postsecondary education at Pomona College was the opportunity to take a class I had seen in the course catalog: Professor Sidney Lemelle’s “Slavery and Freedom in the New World”.  I remember shyly approaching Dr. Lemelle when I came to visit the campus as a hopeful and clueless high school senior.  He explained that the course had something to do with this thing called the African diaspora. I wasn’t quite sure what this “diaspora” business was, but I walked away with the understanding that this class covered the experiences of blacks both in and outside of the United States.  And for me, this was HUGE.  Continue reading

About my blog

The purpose of this blog is to serve as a space to detail my progress as I research my family history.  The results of this reseach will be captured on the genealogy site tribalpages.com.  At this time I have one page up and running: http://lafamiliavallee.tribalpages.com/tribe/browse?userid=lafamiliavallee&mmg=8333165641&switch=0&rand=913033838.  In the future I will be adding sites to cover the Colombs, Thomases, and Lewises.