Who Are the Colomb Mondesi Padrinos?

I just realized I didn’t give readers an actual look at the baptism records I wrote about in my last post.  In addition to finding it interesting to look at, maybe you can pick up on some things that I could not. I would like to figure out who the godparents are but depending on the penmanship of the church recordkeeper and the quality of the image this can be quite challenging. Below each image I will share what I’ve been able to decipher in blue. Please let me know if you are able to fill in any of my blanks or have different interpretations to my own! Any red font indicates the input of others added after this post was originally published.

Ma. Patricia Colomb Baptism

It looks to me like Maria Patricia’s godparents were Jon Juscent/Tuscent/Inocent & Noemi St. Rose.

Ma. Felicia Colomb Baptism

Maria Felicia’s is the hardest to read. I really can’t even begin to guess what the padrinos names are on that second to last row. And unfortunately part of the record is lost due to some sort of damage. Honorah ________ & ________.

Ma. Anastasia Colomb Baptism

My grandmother’s is the easiest to read! Maria Anastasia’s godparents were Obert Montesy & Guillermina Alexander.  I wonder if this Obert is a relative as he shares the same last name as my great-grandmother, who appears here as Edlanise Joseph Montesy (a.k.a. Mondesi – I still need to do a lot more work to figure out what is the “true” spelling of the name, I’ve seen many versions across different family documents).

Elizabeth Juana Colomb Baptism

This one is also a little difficult to make out. It looks like Juana Elizabeth’s (a.k.a. Elizabeth Juana’s a.k.a. Isa) godparents were Vamos/Varnos/Varnor Bernard & Josephine Ernest.

Thanks for your help!


3 thoughts on “Who Are the Colomb Mondesi Padrinos?

  1. May be
    Inocent y Noémie St. Rose
    Honor… Col…y J … (Josefa ? ) … C…te
    Obert Montesy Guillermina Alexander
    Varnor Bernard y Josephine Ernest

      1. Thank you David! I will make note of all of these. If I remember correctly you were the one that was instrumental in helping find Martinique records some time ago. I hope you are doing well!

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